Lighter History - From Döbereiner's lamp to Modern Lighter

Lighters started their journey through history in 1820s when famous German chemist Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner managed to create first commercially viable lighter apparatus. From that point on, lighters went through several distinct advancements that enabled them to take the form and function of the modern lighters that are today used all around the world.

Lighter Light

History of Lighter

Lighters are portable devices that can reliably and safely produce flames. Their history started in early 19th century, and after many changes in their designs and power sources, engineers and chemist managed to create lighters that are today used all around the world. Find out their history here.

D�bereiner's Lamp - First Lighter

Döbereiner's Lamp History

German scientists Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner will remain remembered in our history not only for his work on developing modern periodic table of elements, but also as an inventor of the first commercial lighter. Here you can learn more about his life and how “Döbereiner's lamp” enabled future generations of inventors to create lighter that we know and love today.

Lighter Invention