Matches History and Invention

The ability of instant creation of fire was an objective of countless inventors and engineers in the last few thousand years. However, matches were created only when scientists and chemist managed to test all capabilities of sulfur and phosphor elements in the 19th century. Here you can find out how matchsticks were made.

Examples of Matches

History of Matches

History modern matches started two hundred years ago when chemist finally managed to test all the capabilities of sulfur and phosphor, but even before that time, various attempts were made to achieve easy creation of fire by other means. Here you can read about history of matches.

Matches Fire

Who Invented Matches?

Today, matches are used all countries of the world, but their origin can be traced to several distinct individuals who contributed much to their creation, development and popularization. Here you can learn who has invented matches and how their invention managed to shape our life today.

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